Monday, March 19, 2012

The church is true, the book is blue, Jesus loves all of you

Hello family!!!

 (In the first section he talked about how lousy he is at letter-writing -- a fact that can be documented by almost all of you. So he says he's sorry and he'll try to do better -- and he truly does appreciate the kind letters and packages he has been sent.)

 The district is great! We actually got a new sister in our district. Sister Novacavich got sent down to Stockton and a very well known sister is her with us now. I mean very well known by Brian. Sister Brinkerhoff. Yup Bri-bear she's in my district! She's a SUPER solid missionary with great Spanish. They like doubled their lessons in the 2/3 days that they were together! We're all very excited to have her here. And yes, we already made the connection that she was in Brian's home ward in Texas. It all clicked haha she remembered someone told her Brian's wife's brother was in the mission she was in too! Brian told me to watch out and see if I see her sometime. Welp, I saw her! We had a running experience this week but it was one of my best teaching weeks I've had in a while. The work is kinda slow, but that's alright! I've been used to baptizing quickly, but since I think back to Elder Guzman and I's adventure in Rancho Cordova that first transfer, I look at us now and it's not too much different! We're improving a lot of things here which I'm SUPER excited about. We've got 3-4 potential baptisms for next transfer and 1-2 for this transfer. Coming into 0 with 21 non progressing investigators. We now have 2 progressing with about 10-12 others and 1 praying about being baptized for conference weekend! Every conference I have seen a baptism. Hoping this one comes through :D The Lord is really opening this area.

What a blessed week! It was exciting! We had a super cool miracle on Saturday! So I was listening to a voice message on the phone from one of the Elders in our district and walking out of an apartment complex. Anyway, so I was leaving and I could've sworn the elder said, "Alondra" like "Go see Alondra". Alondra is the daughter of a guy we dropped last week. ANYWAY so we went to go see her, she hadn't opened up the door in like 3 weeks, but we decided to go anyway because of that. She was there along with her brother. We just came in and talked with her. She had read the entire Restoration pamphlet and had been teaching herself how to pray. We asked her 3 questions. "Alondra, have you ever wondered who's Jesus Christ, why we're here or what is the true church of God?" She looked at me SUPER surprised and said, Yes. The last two a lot. I told her, "God has sent us her today because HIS church has been brought back and that church has the answers you are looking for." This little 15 year old girl just looked at us for a second with a few seconds of silence, then said, "I... Don't know what to say.... What do you say first to someone who has all the answers you need?". Then we as well didn't really know what to say. Luckily the spirit ALWAYS knows what to say so it helped us. We invited her to church and the next day (Sunday) we stopped in the morning to go see her but her dad (who we dropped) didn't really want to go. He told us they were coming but they ended up not coming. It was devastating to me. But we had Marcelo, Leo and a members son there. Leo doesn't reallly like the ward. No one really talked to him which KILLED me because we sat him RIGHT in the middle of members! GRRR! That will hold him back a little, but we know the spirit will touch his heart. I hope he comes again. Marcelo is an eternal but he's progressing! Sin alcohol por 12 dias! YAYAY!!! We're super excited for him! He's doing a great job and SERIOUSLY thinking about the 31st for baptism. I hope and know he will. Faith is what will get him there now. He knows the church is true!!! El es un mormon seco (dry mormon)!!! He just needs to get into the water!

 Well, That was our week! Oh yeah. SURPRISE!! They want me to sing at zone conference. Again. The new AP and I sang together a bunch in Lodi so... He knows me.... Darn it all!!! haha but I'm excited to share a talent. It'll be fun! Love you all!!

The church is true the book is blue Jesus loves all of you!

XD Love,
Elder Walker

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Time just flies!!!

This week was great! Last week of transfer 7! So crazy. I still remember when I was in transfer 1. What happened to all the time??! I'm so distraught and a little upset that this mission thing is going by too fast. I was kinda hoping for it to drag on lol.
This week was an "I miss my family week" for a part of it, but who doesn't? It's great to know that the options are: 1 finish my mission honorably and help the children in this part of the vineyard. 2. Go home in a body bag. I figure #1 would probably be better. So we're working hard!
Julia and Eduardo are FIIIIRRMM! They had a hard week. We went over with the Jdubb shuffle. WHich is basically 30 scriptures proving that Jesus is Jehovah. Well. That backfired. She got very confused and almost told us not to come back. So we told her we would come back the next day to clear things up. The first thing she said is: I've decided I don't want to listen anymore. Please leave..... My heart died. I couldn't speak and I forgot whatever spanish I knew. Luckily our District Leader was there and had seen this before. He asked if we could say a prayer and she let us. The spirit came and she listened. Though Jehovah is still God in her eyes, that will come. The important thing is her knowledge that God is God and that he loves us and that this is His church. She and Eduardo are getting married Saturday and baptized the 28th. Miracles happen!
It's a beautiful thing to see things like this happen! We've found some new investigators and had 4 to church! Including a less-active and her husband! Our goal of activating 3 less-actives is on it's way to being fulfilled! So stoked!
The Lord's work is here on the earth! What an honor it is to be a small tiny part and yet to be able to see it help out in such a big way to everyone we teach. Each and every person we talk to already said yes tot he plan of happines. It's so great to know that they are going to have a second chance to say yes again! Holy cow!
I'm so stoked to be able to be here in Rancho for at least 6 more weeks. To see this ward finally give wing and fly just a little bit. It's been amazing to see the changes in each and every person. I love this ward now. I'm so glad to be with Elder Hernandez again and to see the growth he's made and making. I love him and am learning so much!
Love you all!!!
Elder Walker

Monday, December 19, 2011

Twas the week before Christmas...

... and all through Sac-Town, the missionaries were workin hard, not trying to get down, all the members were tucked up all nice in their beds, while the missionaries thought of only baptisms in their heads. The progress records were tucked in the Aread Book with great care in hopes that a White Christmas, soon would be there.

That's about as creative with poetry as I get. That describes our week though, hoping and praying and fasting and working harder than EVER to get this White Christmas happening. The miracles have been amazing in the mission. We went for  30 firms to 80 in 2 weeks! 80 people being baptized in one month? CRAZY!! But not good enough. We need 21 more and Elder Hernandez and I are going to find at least 1 more so that we can help out this cause. It's that last push. That last sprint to the finish line this week. It's super important to help these people and help them we will! We're so so so so SO excited about the progress being made here for January, but that's not enough! It must be done in December. And I think I might just know who.... XD

This week was so GREAT! Our companionship unity was WAY high and we saw the success come through! I've decided not to think of it as training anymore, just to do what to do what missionaries do and hope and pray that I do it well enough to have him learn what true missionaries are and do.

Our wonderful miracles are as followed and I'm SO excited to share some of them with you.

This week I learned what TRUE love is with some of my new favorite people, Julia and Eduardo. Julia has had a crazy life, her old husband tried to kill her and her kids and while protecting her kids, the husband shot her in the eye. Luckily nothing hit her brain but she lost her right eye and part of her skull. Then she met Eduardo her boyfriend (ps they're older like 60's) who she's not married to but he did an awesome job at showing pure love to her kids and raising a few of their own. He loved her unconditionally, even though at that time she was a one eyed woman without anywhere to live and he was a handsome young man with all the potential in the world. He got her to a doctor and they got her a beautiful glass eye and fixed up the missing piece of her head.  Eduardo loved her the same. They've grown old together and have had their trials but never given up hope that she'll be able to see again. Well about 5 or so years ago, Eduardo had a stroke. Half of his body is unable to move and now it is Julia's turn to take care of him. I learned true love watching her in her beautiful dress that she wore to our ward Christmas party jump out of the car and get out her husbands wheel chair, then as he tried to get out of the car, she ran over and gave him a hug and helped him get out of that car. Seeing her put him back in made me shed a few tears as she has a bad back and she lifts the leg that he can't, folds it and makes sure he's comfortably set to go home, gives him a hug and tells him, I love you. That is true love. She takes so great care of him. She  came to church and loved it. She will be baptized on January 28th.

The miracle with her is this. She was studying with the Jehovah's Witness missionaries before she moved to Rancho Cordova. Now she's here and we found her. We were going to go teach her the plan of salvation and had prepared for about an hour during comp study. The lesson was going to ROCK. The best planning I've ever done. But when we showed up, she hadn't done her reading. My body and brain were like well, we'll read during the lesson, let's teach this long lesson, set an example of how to teach with the plan for this new missionary. But, the spirit said, no. Read 3 Nephi 11 with her, That's the chapter we assigned. So we read it with her feeling like that's what needed to happen. At the end she said, I had been having doubts about how a young boy could do this. I thought that it was a lie. I was going to only listen to you nice boys, but now, I know without a doubt that that man was inspired of God and that this book is the word of God. We were both shocked when she said, Now talk to me about baptism. She will be a firm by the end of this week and I'm so glad that is happening because I know the Gospel will help her. She will not only love the gospel but the ward. She will be able to have that comfort as she is married this month and then sealed in a year.

I am so thankful for the spirit and for the opportunity we have to have it here with us. A member of the Godhead with us constantly. I love the spirit and our Heavenly Father. THIS IS HIS WORK. He will choose who is ready and HE will make them ready. I love my Savior and I know the Atonement he performed for us is real. He loved us enough to lay down His life for us. Oh sweet the joy this sentence gives, I know that my Redeemer lives.

Love you!

Elder Walker

P.S. As for my spanish anything with the gospel is SUPER easy to explain along with life stories or greetings soccer anything like that is 100% there. Now for the next year, my goal is to get 100% fluent with speech. It's weird. At first I struggled with understanding and now it's only the speaking. I can understand just about anything from mexican slang to spanish proper words. My brain has switched to spanish mode. I'm basically Buzz in Toy Story 3. JK! But, it was fun because on Dispicable Me there is a part where he speaks to her in spanish and before I had NO clue what he was saying to her, but yesterday we were at this house and I heard it and picked up what he was saying lol. SO funny.

Also, we have these members and her dad is the overall guy for the spanish church productions. Well, I mentioned that I was in Savior of the World before I came on the mission and guess what they got us for Christmas??? El Salvador Del Mundo!!!! Both ACTS!!! ON DVD!!! So we can watch it on Christmas as a District with our investigators. Obviously I'll be crying thinking about y'all but, I'll talk to you a few minutes later, so it'll be good!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm gonna be a "DAD"

Hola everyone!
I just want to thank you all for the Christmas tree.  I love it! I look at it everynight and surprisingly it keeps me focused! It keeps me thinking about why I came out here and the example I GET to be to those little sobrinos and sobrinas (nieces and nephews) that I have back at home.
What a year in sports! The sad thing is, I've had more people ask and know about Brandon Davies than I have about Mitt Romney. What a sad sad twisted world it is in these days, huh? We should definitely be more informed on who's running our country than who's running a fast break.
WE had an unusual turkey day. No jello. No gravy. No stuffing. It was good mexican food but I've never seen beans and horchata or eaten my turkey with a home made tortilla (which, by the way, I know how to cook!) on Thanksgiving day. But hey! I was super grateful for how good it was! I got some great relaxation time, that's for sure. Got us all rested up for today :D We finally played basketball again, so that was great! ALMOST dunked off of a miss, but then remembered I'm still white and just layed it up.
Transfer days yet again. I love Elder Guzman and wanted him to stay SO bad. I wish I could say my prayer of him staying was answered because we FINALLY hit our best day on Monday where the spirit was just FLYING and people couldn't help but want to be baptized. I wish he was staying but sadly, he's gone. He will be doing one transfer in English work with my good buddy, Elder Fitt. He and I were in the same apartment in Lodi and became great friends. I'm very excited for my companion and KNOW that he will be a great Elder in the English work and also learn a LOT about why he's here. He's such a great Elder and I can't wait to see him get even better. He's been one of my favorites and we will see each other around a lot during the next transfer seeing as he's literally just around the river bend.
And the scary news? President has asked me to train.... A brand new elder..... AHHHHHHHH!!! When those words came out of his mouth I immediately forgot to breath. haha K see ya later I know it doesn't sound like a big deal but I'm so scared! If he gets trained wrong it could effect a lot a TON of his mission. And I would be responsible for it. That scares me a lot. President and I had a nice short phone call about it and he calmed me down (he already knows when I'm scared and I think he giggled a little at my reaction of, "Wait... What? Are you serious?") I almost asked where Ashton was, thinking I was being punked. But I accepted and I'm very excited to see the Lord carry this area. I still feel like I was just barely born the other month and now BAM. I'm having a new bouncing baby boy! I'm pretty scared but very excited to meet my new friend :D
This week we had an all-star week. We had a spiritual down pour and the blessings just showered upon the area. There were many, MANY miracles that happened this past week. Just in the short few days we had! We saw the blessings when 5 came to church, 2 unexpected including the sister of Erick, who also came to church, and is getting baptized this Saturday at 6. This is the 4th baptism in this area in the past year and we're looking at at least 2 more in december. The Lord is opening up Rancho Cordova. It's hard to go under with our small little buckets and try to catch all the blessings!
My only problem this week was feeling down. Sometimes, I felt like the WORST missionary in this mission and I didn't understand why. I thought it was Satan trying to get me down but then I realized what I had fasted and prayed for lately. To be more humble. Let me recommend something. Never pray and fast for humility unless you are ready to be hammered with humbling experiences. There were times when I couldn't think of ANYTHING in Spanish. I was shocked because of how little I could say. Then last night I was praying with tears streaming down my face and heard a soft voice or feeling telling me that I had asked specifically for what I was getting. I had a short moment of laughter and then another down pouring of the Lord's spirit. I've learned to love humbling experiences. I guess that's a good thing since I will be receiving them a lot this transfer.
Our other investigators are doing great! We've fixed some problems in the ward and after passing out some candies and a 21 day plan that Elder Ballard gave to a mission in Salt Lake, they really took hold of missonary work. We're now trying our best to plan our schedule around theirs. It's hard sometimes because we forget who works when, but it's getting a lot easier to get them to come out with us.
I love Rancho.
I will be picking up my new companion tomorrow at about 10:00. I'm very excited to get to know him and tell you all about him next week! I'm sure he'll be EXACTLY what this area needs.
The Lord will never let us down XD!
Love you all!
Elder Walker

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No tricks, but this one's a real treat!

Hola todos!
What a wonderful week. I'm so excited to tell you and share these wonderful experiences with you all XD
We had a zone conference on Thursday with Elder Yamashita of the 70 who talked last conference. He was very fun. Oh. and surprise surprise. Since my old zone leader and mission hero, Elder Kelley, was moved to AP, there's now someone up there that knows me really well. I had gone under the radar for a while lol but now he's there. So ya know 2 days before zone conference he calls me up to congratulate us on the last week and I was thinking oh great how nice. But no, there's always something else. He asked me to sing a song, a special number, solo, for Elder Yamashita and President and crowd there. I just about wet myself. But did it with a great pianist Elder Johnson. He's super great so we got it down in an hour. An hour of practice and we were then going to perform in front of a man who's probably witnessed Jesus Christ himself.... It went great and Elder Yamashita and his wife were so kind. Sister Lewis wanted mom to know that she should be proud and that she felt like my mom sitting there. She almost got up right after to give me a hug. Then realized her calling and kept down lol. She's a great lady!
We had a great week serving the people here and God blessed us to achieve many goals this week. Our lessons, invites, referals but most importantly, firms and people at church.
Mayra, the girl we've been working with who works at this rocking bakery, free bread and drinks everyday. They're the nicest people with the BEST bread in the whole world ps.... Anyway, we went over there saturday to 'firm her up' or in other words, get her with a solid baptismal date. This friday. We went over and she said she's felt good about it but wasn't sure. We felt inspired to ask if she felt the scriptures were true. She said she always got her answers through just opening up to a page and then there it would be. I got super nervous but asked her to do it. I felt the spirit really strong, testifying that she needed to do it with the Book of Mormon, so I gave her the book and she opened it. NOw, to build some suspense, the last 2 times I've done this here have backfired, terribly. FIrst the guy opened to where Nephi killed Laban and the other was just a random war scripture. But this time it succeeded. She turned to Docterine and Covenants 84:64 and it talks about how after baptism you recieve the Holy Ghost and how it helps. What a miracle! She came to church and got the answer to be baptized. She had her interview and is firm for the 4th of November. Probably the first November baptism in the mission. What a joyous experience that will be! She's so happy.
We also had a miracle of finding Felicita and her family. They're what you call Platinum investigators. So we have Golden investigators who are like great and want to hear the gospel and want to be baptized but you have to work really hard on things with them. Then there are Platinum. They're so solid that you can't believe or understand what you did right to be able to teach them. That's Felicita. We met her on thursday and got her to church on Sunday. She made best friends with all the members AND signed up on our dinner calender. 3 times. W-O-W. I've never seen a person like this! We have to teach her everything still but she is ready. Already had a book of mormon and a best friend that taght her a lot. I'm so excited for her. Her son, Benito and I are BFF's already. When we came on Sunday, he ran to the door and gave me a big old hug. He's great and I"m excited for him to learn more about our Heavenly Father.
Also, a less active named Miguel Franco is awesome. He came to church 2 times. HIm and I immediately clicked. So much that he's going to Utah and wants to pass by Mom and Dad's house to try and talk to them a little bit haha. He asked me Friday if I could baptize his brother. My mouth dropped and said yes, obviously not gonna turn that one down lol. It was so great. He came with his brother and they had a great time! HIs brother will be baptized on the 20th.
We had 5 people to church on sunday that are investigating the church. 5. That's the highest in this place for years. It's amazing to see how the Lord is working with us and helping us. I don't know what to do. I feel so small in this grand work but feel the Lord's hand so strong. Pushing us to where we need to go.
All day today is a PDay. No leaving to trick or treat for us. AKA time to write some good ole letters lol and eat at Home Town Buffet.
I know this is the church of God. I know that if we can only do our little tiny percent we have, God will make up for the rest. I"ve learned que mediante Jesucristo, ninguna otra persona, podemos ser salvos. Podemos tener el amor de Dios para compartirlo con todos. Solamente tenemos que trabajar.Ir y hacer, tratar y superar. Es todo. I just realized I was speaking spanish lol. We just have to go and do. That's all. I know that that is the only way God can help us is if we're doing!
I love you all!!!!!
Elder Walker

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pictures on this one.... :)

Hey family!

How are yall?? I've sure missed you this week! It's weird. Watching General Conference, looking in the MoTab and seeing those people that were such a big part of my life only a year ago! All those wonderful faces from Savior of the World and thinking, "At this very moment, my family is listening to the same words, watching the same people and probably taking the same notes." It's a miracle and such a privelege to have this broadcast throughout the world!

Well.... Another week. Starting into week 5/6 of this transfer and boy has it FLOWN by!!! I can't believe this month I will turn 9.... That's CRAZY!!! I'm still a baby though... I feel like ive only been here for like 5 maybe 4.... Weird! All of my friends that I made my first transfer are either dead or dying!!! WEIRD!!! Not to mention it doesn't help realizing (thank you Joe) that according to General Conference time... I'm half way done!!! I only have 2 more left.... Sad day.... Weird day.... But great day!

My favorite talk was probably Tad R. Callisters on the book of mormon. Talk about a HUGE help for our investigators eh? He just SLAMS it down with testimony that this is the true church. This book is either from God or from the Devil. But it must be from one or the other. Oh and here, let me show you why it couldn't ever be from the devil. What a man. That's the kind of testimony that our investigators need to hear everyday!

Speaking of investigators, we had 8 there. Giovanni and Arianna were first. SO tight! Giovanni and I are pretty close already and the best thing is he's closer to the ward! The ward just loves him and he loves the ward! He said it was the first church that he had gone to where they welcomed him with open arms and really just gave him confidence in the church. His girlfriend is Arianna and I know that she felt the spirit testifying to her of the truthfulness of this gospel. How great is that? Oh and did we mention that Giovanni's mother and sister are members? Because they are! What a wonderful help they will be. They're coming down to eat dinner with them on Monday aka today and we're invited! It will be quite the joy to go over there and talk with them and hear his mothers testimony. We're expecting a spiritual A-Bomb over there. Also Quenia and her cousin Rosa came. It was tougher with them because of the little kids that Quenia has and the tempertantrums that were being thrown during the session. Rosa looked like she enjoyed it but didn't feel anything. Duh. We still haven't taught her about the Holy Spirit and the fruits of it.

I've learned on this mission that without teaching of the fruits of the spirit, you have no right to ask how people feel. They get confused like well... I feel fine...? I'm not sick.. My stomach isn't rumbling... My soul feels peaceful so... Good? And then say "That's the spirit telling you it's true." Though for many they'll agree, they won't know the other fruits of the spirit mentioned in Galations 5: Peace joy longsuffering happiness patience. Those are fruits from God that he gives. If they don't feel those things that like Elder Callister said, this is the church of Lucifer and we have all been decieved. BUt the great thing is they HAVE felt those, they just may not recognize it.

One family that has recognized it is the Hernandez family. All four were baptized on sunday and confirmed as well (We know, not supposed to but conference sunday we can). It was so great to see how great they were and how content and everything. The husband even came asking if he could be baptized. It was sad to have to tell him no. He works on Sundays so it is tough for him to be baptized. We can now focus on him. He'll be baptized before this transfer ends. I KNOW it! He's so great. I lvoe him to death and I'm excited for his family to join together in the temple in a year! They're one of my favorite families I've met out here.

Though baptisms are SUPER stressful up until everyone is seated, soaking wet, the feelings that we recieve and the testimony that we recieve after is amazing. We were singing, Eternas Pueden Ser las Familias aka families can be together forever and I never really looked into those words until that baptism. I have a family here on earth they are so good to me I want to share my life with them for all eternity.... How great a message is that? GREAT! and yet the chorus is even better with the assurance that families can be together forever through heavenly fathers plan. Right there... We see how... and yet another expression of want I always want to be with my own family... My OWN family and the assurance that the Lord has shown me how I can... Explains perfectly the Lord will always show me. I started to tear up through that and then it hit me in the second... While I am in my early years, I'll prepare most carefully.... Looking up at the 3 youth that were baptized on sunday brought the trears even stronger as they testified and promised to carry Christs name and PREPARE CAREFULLY to live forever. What a testimony builder. THanks for the tissues everyone, they were definitely needed!

I was able to assist by giving the Holy Ghost to Eneida and the spirit just took over. It was amazing how for the first time the blessing just came. In spanish.I know that through hard study of the language, we can be blessed to help others in th e gospel. In the blessing, Heavenly FAther told her that her family would be sealed in the temple and that there were others waiting for her to go through the temple. After the blessing I looked up and a few of the ladies in the congregation were crying. Not knowing exactly what happened I looked down and realized what had been said. I know that those words were not mine, but directly from Heavenly Father to his daughter.

I'm so grateful to be a part of this work. It is amazing and no one can stop it as Elder Holland said that we need missionaries! Good missionaries. Solid missionaries. THink of a mission full of Elderly missionaries. HOw successful that mission would be in bringing others to Christ? We will know sometime... I love you all

Elder Walker

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just have to be obedient...

Howdy yall!

I'm in LOVE with Lodi! I would never live here, let's be for real, but I would LOVE to stay here another transfer. Whatever the Lord says, huh? We've been having great success! It's been great to be able to see the Lord's hand in helping all of the people out here, we just have to be obedient psh (NEXT WEEK WE'LL ASK HIM WHAT AN "OBEDIENT PSH" IS -- STAY TUNED!) that's not bad at all! For the blessings that we're seeing out here... How could we not do something that simple...?

We got a referral named Giovanni who came to church this week. We had 6 people at church! It was so great to see the Hernandez family and Giovanni there just LOVING it. Giovanni is super solid and has quickly become one of my favorite people that I've taught so far. He's LOOKING for the truth and I know he's found it. He just has to recognize it. He's an honest nice guy and I KNOW General Conference will be a HUGE help in his progression to baptism along with his friend Arianna. They're the best. They already want us over for dinner this Friday! haha so cool! Anyway, he said the best thing was that this was the first church that the whole congregation came up to him and welcomed him. He said he felt they loved him and he's been looking for that. I hope his search is over, it's just a few things that might be a problem for him but he believes Joseph saw god! That's always good, huh?

This week we had a great time on Monday celebrating my birthday with the great families out here, The Lopez, Campos, Cardona's, Cortez and Perez (mis carnales!) It was a really spiritual night and Sister Lopez brought one of her friends for a great family home evening! We had tortas which is like a sandwich from the heavens! SOO good and they bought this super nice cake too! It was great. Never EVER try to bite the strawberry in the middle of the cake, it always goes wrong! ha ha aka they push your face into the cake. It was super fun though!

We also had the miracle of miracles! Pablo, my one legged friend from my first transfer here? He was there on Sunday! WITH 2 LEGS!!! He was a little upset we hadn't called, but I thought he was in Mexico... Silly me. But he said we could call and set something up to go see him and he said he'd be home waiting for the word of God. I love that man! I'm so glad he got a leg as well, he deserves it!

Well the family got their interviews. BAPTISMS! We're so proud of the decisions they've made to make it where they are, to be able to feel the spirit they do and to continue on this path that they're going on. I'm so stoked to see them in the waters of baptism and Chava, the 9 year old boy who has become one of my best friends asked me to baptize him. I'm super excited! He's a great kid and knows all the answers first! He's a great example and will be a strong member in the church for this branch. Only sad part is that the dad couldn't make it to church so he'll have to wait for a couple more weeks, but his attitude has changed and now he's into being baptized! How great huh?

The work is going great! We're going to head to Cold Stone for our celebration of missionary work today and then off to the Cheese factory. A little classy store full of pizza. JK Cheese! My fav! Also just so Amy knows, the Superman shirt makes me look RIPPED!!! But really... My comp told me that this will be my new dating shirt back home.... Good thing I don't have girls to worry about in a while eh?

Love ya!
Elder Walker